You’re a high level business owner.

You're reaching your goals, you're driven, you're booking your dream clients, but… 

You’re a high level business owner.

You’re reaching your goals, you’re driven, you’re booking your dream clients, but… 

The honeymoon period in your business is over, and now that you’ve reached the goals you set for yourself a year ago, you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to take your business from here, and you’re missing out on precious beauty sleep.

Entrepreneurship has been good to you, but you’re also worried you’re on a one-way path to burnout. You thought this type of success should feel good! Instead it feels like you’ve reached the peak of the mountain and there’s no clear direction for you in this next phase of your business.

You’re waking up in the morning feeling like you never got any rest, your to-do list seems full, yet like there’s nothing big or exciting on it. You’re just doing the same things over and over again, and you don’t actually feel like you’re launching anything new. Plus, you’re going around comparing yourself to self-proclaimed seven-figure-Susan who never stops posting about how successful she is.

 And on top of it all, you’re feeling greedy for wanting more than what you have now.

You’re not greedy. You’re ambitious.

And you’re the type of business owner who loves setting goals. It’s just that right now you need some help setting those goals and getting back on track. And you know that having someone there to guide you through it is going to help you get out of your own way.

So, isn’t it about time you take your own advice and gain a coach to help you uplevel your business and get back in alignment?


Because it’s time to let go of the brain fog.

It’s time for you to wake up pumped to work on your business, like you did in the beginning. It’s not fair to you, your clients, or your family to be in this funk.

It's time to get a professional consultant to get you out of it.

You remember how much your first coach helped you, and maybe you thought of working with them again but you don’t think they’d be the right fit at this stage in your business.

We will make that type of magic happen again, but this time, let’s meet you where you’re at in your business.

Introducing Andrea’s 1:1 Private Consulting.

Once you’re inside, you’ll have:

✔ Someone to keep you disciplined rather than relying on staying motivated 24/7.

✔ Someone who can help you devise a strategic and balanced business plan to make 2021 your most bangin’ year yet

A mentor who has their hands in every aspect of your business and isn’t just hopping on a call to tell you how great you are every week

✔ A better understanding of the tech you need at this stage of your business

✔ A sales strategy that gets exceeds your stretch goal every month

✔ Someone who will build your network so you can make more connections beyond your current IG following

Introducing Andrea’s 1:1 Private Consulting


You don’t need another mastermind. You don’t need more promises of leaving your 9 to 5 to build a “freedom-based” business from the ground up. 

You’re past that.

What you need is one heart-centered coach who will guide you based on real, tried-and-true business practices and who actually has the credentials, who has been around the block in the entrepreneurial world and has had real success in their business.


The 1:1 Private Consulting Program

 A 6 or 12 month 1:1 program with Andrea Conway.

 Equipped with 9 years of experience as a business owner of multiple businesses—online and brick & mortar—you’ll meet once a week to:


Create a strategic business plan for your next year

Optimize your day-to-day productivity

Put a financial plan in place to get maximize your profits

Grow your team and become a leader and perfect the art of delegation

Help you INCORPORATE your business to take it to the next level

Provide you with support and guidance every step of the way

About Me

At the age of 19, Andrea started her first successful retail company and sold it to a major CPG corporation.

Andrea comes from old school business and made a transition into the online world. She knows the highs and lows. She knows the true business practices that get you to your stretch goal and beyond.

She cuts out the fluff from her consulting, and gets to the core of your business. She gets to know your business on a granular level, and is to be able to write projections and a real business and financial plan to set you up for your best year yet.


Jordan Stanisz

Empowerment & Confidence Coach

Self Love Advocate

Owner of Empower Her Inc.

Jordan made $10k with her first online program Launch

There is nothing comparable to Andrea’s 1:1 Private Coaching Program.

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in Business Masterminds. In masterminds, nothing is specific or catered to YOUR business. I believe there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ course. This is where the expertise and 1:1 time with Andrea comes in.

She has a multitude of business knowledge. My 1:1 time with her is super important and vital to my success. She will help you build courses, 1:1 training and even retail plus a website to accommodate all the business needs. Her background in business is like none other. Not only has she been able to elevate my online coaching business, but also grow my product retail business.

The great thing with Andrea is that she knows how to truly build a business in all aspects. She knows retail brick and mortars, incorporation, legal, and finances on top of being a social media expert.

Jen Szpigiel

Top income earner in network marketing

Wife and Mom of 4

7 figure business owner of Becoming Iconic Inc.

Podcast Host of Becoming Iconic

Jen went from earning 6 figures to 7 figures
with Andrea’s 1:1 Private Coaching

I am so grateful for Andrea! I was a multiple 6 figure business owner who needed tactical advice and strategy for the various initiatives (retreats, podcast, digital courses, etc) I wanted to execute with my personal brand.

She came prepared with action items, a breakdown and knowledge every week that I could turn around and apply immediately. I was able to move my business to 6 figure months because of the team work between Andrea and I. I needed a partner to keep me focused and help me deliver on all my ideas. She exceeded my expectations!

Mallory Rowan

Co-founder LVD Fitness

Shopify Master

Lululemon Ambassador

One of United Way’s “People to Know”

Owner of: Build Without Burnout

Mallory scaled her business to consistent $10k+ months

Andrea is not your average coach. She’s not only a successful coach, but she has real experience building (and selling!) a product-based business AND runs an entire team for her brand. She has become the voice in the back of my head that doesn’t let me undercut my value and it’s resulted in tens of thousands of dollars!

If you’re looking to level up with someone who knows more than DM strategies, this is your girl.

So whether you’re an online business owner, or you own a storefront or product-based business--if you’re ready to incorporate your business, or pivot and take your business to the next level,

then Andrea’s private consulting will get you to where you need to be.


What you have to do now is simple:

You’ll apply to book a call with Andrea to discuss what it is you need help with inside your business.

You know that sometimes as a business owner, you’re better at helping other people and giving advice rather than taking it yourself.

So you know that in order to reach the next level in your business, you need to invest so you’re not stagnant.


Don’t leave your business’s success up to chance. If you want to move your business forward without fluff, without beginner-type coaching, then join us inside Andrea’s Private Consulting. 


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